Walk, Control & Train Your Dog

Fits any size dog up to 300 lbs

Reduces Pulling and Jerking

Clips to almost all dog collars

Reflective stitching for walking at night

Adjustable wrist loop & soft grip

Helps training, protects from injuries

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SoftPull Mighty Leash

Why SoftPull Pet Leashes?

SoftPull Leashes were designed to put less stress on the handler, as well as the dog, when walking or playing with your beloved pet. Over the years, many of the standard dog leashes have caused injuries to the dog’s neck, as well as to the handler’s arm, shoulder and hand due to jerking, pulling and tugging by the dog.  These actions are dramatically reduced with the SoftPull patented torsion control technology and the ergonomically correct handle making it more enjoyable for both you and your dog when walking or playing.