Our Story

Soft~Pull is truly a product designed out of need and love. In 2004 Laura Mucerino began rescuing Pit Bulls from her local shelter to keep them from being euthanized. Her husband, Frank, watched Laura walk the dogs several miles a day on a retractable leash. Many times the dogs were not leash trained and the dogs ended up walking Laura instead, jerking her arm and shoulder. She also had chronic back pain from the constant pull of the dogs. In 2006 Frank began working on designing a leash that was user friendly and dog friendly. The leash was designed with a “shock absorbing” type system to prevent the sudden jerk when the dog got to the end of the leash.

Unfortunately, the leash was never finished and in 2008 Laura suffered a bad shoulder injury from a dog jerking her shoulder while on a retractable leash. Laura went through 6 months of physical therapy and was warned that if she re-injured the shoulder she would require surgery.

Frank resumed work on the leash design and in 2009 met Van Walworth, a product design and development specialist, who he shared his ideas with. Van and Frank worked together for many months in Van’s lab taking Frank’s idea and Van’s technical experience and turning it into Soft~Pull…a unique technology that resulted in a leash that we believe is the best leash in the world. Other products, using the Soft~Pull technology are now being developed.

Frank and Laura Mucerino

Product Designers

Frank and Laura Mucerino have been entrepreneurs for most of their 30 year marriage.

Frank’s work has included owning and operating a property tax reduction company and becoming a licensed real estate agent. In 1996 he obtained his general contractors license and owned a residential construction company where he also developed residential and commercial land. He presently owns and operates a retail strip center and is in the process of developing property in the Bahamas. Frank has always enjoyed designing and inventing new products and improving existing products. His focus is to help others design and develop their ideas and products.

Laura Mucerino is a licensed registered nurse, however, she has always enjoyed working with Frank and being involved with their businesses. She is presently property manager of the retail strip center owned by herself and Frank. Laura and Frank have been involved in dog rescue since 2004 and has saved and found homes for hundreds of dogs. Laura is an animal advocate involved in issues such as dog fighting, animal cruelty and breed specific legislation.

Van T. Walworth

Product Design and Development Specialist

Van Walworth is a product design and development specialist. Walworth owns and operates a private product research and development lab based in the greater Nashville, Tennessee area. The lab includes various equipments for destructive as well as non-destructive characterization testing, and numerous prototype component fabrication testing capabilities. With six patents issued in Walworth’s name and dozens pending, he is also a specialist in certain aspects of patent research and preparation.