Joe Simmons
Coopertown Canine
Professional Dog Trainer/SAR

My name is Joe Simmons and I am a professional dog trainer and search and rescue professional. I am the chief training officer for Stewart County Fire and Rescue K9 Unit and a consultant for several other K9 rescue organizations.

Recently I was asked to try the Soft~Pull leash line. I found the standard leash perfect for everyday use for the medium to large dog owner. It reduces the amount of pull and lessens the chance of injury to both dog and owner. The Shorty leash is perfect for a trip to the vet or anytime your dog needs to be kept on a short leash for control. I found the Shorty to be useful in control and training for law enforcement and military dogs. The Soft~Pull Pro Extendable Leash is a great leash for anyone desiring a longer leash for walking and it was the leash of choice for search and rescue professionals who tried it out.

One thing in common with most of the leashes on the market is that they all have a great potential to cause damage to either the dog or the person. My wife broke her wrist last year using a retractable leash. I like that Soft~Pull products reduce the chance of injuries to the dog as well as to the person.

Over the years I have tried most of the leashes on the market and in my opinion none of these can compare to the Soft~Pull line of leashes for your dog.

I will use the Soft~Pull leash and recommend it to my friends and my clients.


Dr. Michael Pagnani
Nashville Knee And Shoulder Center
345 23rd Ave North Suite 301
Nashville, TN 37203

My name is Dr. Michael Pagnani and I am an Orthopedic Surgeon in Nashville, TN. I am the director of the Nashville Knee & Shoulder Center, a private clinic in Nashville, TN. Over my career, I have worked with some of the top professional athletes in the world including the New York Giants football team the Nashville Predators hockey team. I currently work with a number of Middle Tennessee high school football teams.

Over the years I have treated numerous shoulder injuries that were caused from the simple act of an individual walking their dog on a leash. Common leash-related injuries include rotator cuff tears, labral tears, and shoulder dislocations.

I was recently asked to try a product, called the Soft~Pull leash, that was designed to reduce the incidence of shoulder injuries by adding a patented shock absorbing system built into the dog leash. This technology helps protect both the pet owner and the pet.

As a dog owner, my family and I tried the leash on our own dog. I found the Soft-Pull leash to be a very solid structural product that I feel will greatly reduce shoulder, hand and wrist injuries caused by standard and retractable leashes.

I highly recommend this leash to anyone with a dog and will recommend it to my patients to help prevent shoulder injuries.


Chiropractic & Migraine Center, P.C.
Dr. Lance E. McClure, D.C., FIAMA, V.O.M.
403 Henslee Dr.
Dickson, TN 37055
(615) 740-8778

I have been a Chiropractor for 26 years. In my practice I specialize in Acupuncture, orthopedics, TSE (therapeutic strengthening exercises) for injury rehab and VOM (Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation) adjusting of dogs and horses. After using your new leashes for my dogs I highly recommend this product to everyone, weather they have had previous shoulder, neck or back injuries or not. This leash, in my professional opinion, will not only help prevent an injury to the person using it but also prevent serious neck injuries to the dog.

Biomechanically, the fit of the leash on the wrist removes any and all pressure and torsion to the wrist, elbow and shoulder. There is no pulling or jerking of the joints, therefore no injuries to soft tissue, tendons or joint capsules. As for the dogs, there is no jerking or whipping the head backwards, which over time can lead to joint jamming and even disc injuries. The dog even seems to respond better to commands with the use of this leash.

This leash is a must for anyone with predisposed injuries to the upper extremities, and/or for dog lovers that care about the health of the animal.


Jason & Kristin Ayer/Directors
Eleven Eleven Bully Rescue, Inc.

I want to thank you for introducing us to your leashes and toys, and giving us here at Eleven Eleven Bully Rescue, Inc a chance to evaluate your products. I must say, I am very impressed with the leash, and want to purchase several for my staff and I. Enzo, our personal dog and Eleven Eleven Mascot, seems to love the leash as well. He has to wear a choke style collar, not for training purposes, but because a normal collar that fits his neck, just slips right over his head. The “shock absorber” seems to really take the discomfort off the choker, and makes for a “softer” correction for Enzo. On the other hand, here at the rescue, not all dogs are as easy on a leash as Enzo, and need serious work with leash training. This is where your product really shines. It allows you to better control pullers, jumpers, or even lunging dogs, while keeping your own stability and footing, without feeling it in your arm and wrist. The Soft Pull leash takes the abuse, not you! I love the hand grip as it provides even more control without the “leash burns” that normal leashes give you. All in all, we “Bully Approve” your products and consider them a “must have” for ALL Bully Breeds and larger stronger dog breeds. Enzo rates it a 10!


George Mabry
Curious George Dog Services

I work with dogs in my own business, as well as a part-time job at a local boarding facility. I found this lead to be delightful to use with a dog who pulls on a leash. The flexible nature of the lead allows for a more pleasant experience for the dog and the handler…it seems to be more gentle as the slight stretch takes the bite out of sudden tugs. The best for last, I love the soft “rubber” handle below the hand loop. This feature gives the handler, I believe, better control of the lead and hence the dog.


Laura Choppin McCurdy
Rescue Dog Owner

The Soft~Pull leash is the most innovative pet product I have seen in years. Great for both master and pet. This product should end all leash-related injuries and sprains.


Mike Furlong
Hickman Humane Society Volunteer/Dog Rescue and Foster Home

This Devoted dog walker/runner loved the Soft~Pull Leash. One of the things that happens running with several dogs is the leashes jump up & down transferring the vibration to your hands, arms, & the dogs. This does not happen with the Soft Pull Leash the line is static and the animal seems a little more relaxed, especially if you’re running at a good clip. The quality of the Leash is top notch, strong, and secure.


Vicki Moore
Hickman Humane Society Volunteer/Dog Rescuer and Foster Home

The Soft Pull is a god-send for women walking BIG strong dogs. My 60 pound lab pit mix who ALWAYS pulls was easily controlled without injury to me or him. I was much less stressed which he picked up on and seemed calmer himself. I have very little upper body strength but using Soft Pull gives me confidence that I can contol my dog & enjoy the walk much more myself. Used it with a new rescue who is skittish & it helped being able to get closer & not have to jerk & pull as much to gain control. In 2 days Sadie was walking comfortably on leash. I couldn’t have done it with a traditional leash.